Check who your Electricity Network Operator is

While it is possible to change who you buy your electricity from (your supplier) it is not possible to change the physical network you are connected to. Your property becomes connected to the Last Mile Electricity network when the network is built, most likely at the point the property is built.

Supplier – The company you register with to buy your electricity, and who then measure what you use and send you a bill to pay.
Distributor – Companies, like Last Mile Electricity, that own and operate the substations and cables that distribute electricity to your home or property.

How do I check whether Last Mile Electric is my network operator?
There are a couple of simple ways to determine whose network you are connected to: –

  1. Follow this link to, where you can enter your postcode
  2. Look at your electricity bill for what is called the ‘MPAN Number’ or ‘supply number’. It looks like the image below and has a 13 digit number in the bottom half, the first two digits of this number is the bit that we want.

    If these two digits are ‘26’ then this is the identifier for Last Mile Electricity.

What if you are not my network operator?
If the first two digits of your MPAN are not ‘26’ then you are connected to a different network and will need to contact them for more information. For your convenience we include the table below.

ID Network operator Website
10 UK Power Networks
11 National Grid (Electricity Distribution)
12 UK Power Networks
13 SP Energy Networks
14 National Grid (Electricity Distribution)
15 Northern Powergrid
16 Electricity North West
17 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
18 SP Energy Networks
19 UK Power Networks
20 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
21 National Grid (Electricity Distribution)
22 National Grid (Electricity Distribution)
23 Northern Powergrid
24 GTC
25 ESP Electricity
27 GTC
29 Harlaxton
30 Peel Electricity
31 UK Power Distribution Limited
32 Energy Assets Networks
33 G2 Energy IDNO Limited
34 Mua Electricity