Completion & AV Payment

Our completion process is robust yet simple and with our experienced and friendly completion team available to guide you through, you are in good hands.

Whilst we have regulatory obligations to ensure completion records are submitted in a timely manner, we also appreciate the importance of this stage for you, the ICP.

For this reason, we have completion checklists to help ensure the correct information is submitted first time round. The information requested is part of your working records which makes it easy to submit and our completion team are accessible for any support you might require throughout the process.

Once a completion pack is submitted, the team will review the information to check it is correct and in the right format before the ‘as laid’ is updated accordingly. Should there be any issues or queries, the team will come back to you to help keep things moving. Once a pack is signed off, you will receive a completion certificate which is your green light to progress to the final step in the process.

The final stage of our adoption process is probably the best bit, AV payment.

Our payment process is as straight forward as they come – you receive a completion certificate for approved works, an invoice is sent to our Finance Team where it is logged and reviewed before payment is made. Simple!