Head Office Contact Details

Last Mile Asset Management Limited
Fenick House, Lister Way
Hamilton International Technology Park
Glasgow  G72 0FT

Please see below for your Regional contacts

Useful contacts

complaints@lastmile-uk.com – If there is anything you are unhappy about that you would like to raise with us. To see our complaints policy, click here

CSEP-POCRequests@lastmile-uk.com – If you are wanting a gas or electric point of connection or to connect a property to the existing network

lct@lastmile-uk.com – For any Electric Vehicle Charge Point or Heat Pump queries, applications or notifications.

DG@lastmile-uk.com – For any distributed generated queries, applications or notifications

Linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk – If you want to find out whether Last Mile has any infrastructure and networks in an area.

Electricityinfo@lastmile-uk.com – For information relating to who your electricity supplier is, capacity increase or decrease, postal address updates to Ecoes, bilateral connection agreements, customer connection agreements, electricity charging, statement enquiries, DUOS invoicing queries

sparegistrations@lastmile-uk.com – For information relating to who is your gas supplier is, postal address updates to Xoserve, new market participants, flow requests (ONJOB/ONUPD/AES), transportation/metering invoice queries, gas charging statement enquiries

Please note, if you are a letting agent wanting to advise that a tenant has moved out to provide meter reads or update billing details, this information should be provided to the Energy Supplier rather us as the network owner.

Your Regional Contact

Our Sales Team

Our Business Development Managers and Internal Account Managers are here to help ICPs across the UK get access to competitive asset values as well as to provide guidance and assistance on our processes in order to ensure the utility networks are designed and built to the highest of industry standards, making them suitable for asset adoption.

They work alongside dedicated teams of technical admin, design engineers, asset coordinators and commercial analysts, offering a single point of contact, ensuring the project is managed from inception to completion.

They are on hand to provide a bespoke level of service no matter how many utility connections are on your development, and with a wealth of industry knowledge they are ideally placed to help you every step of the way:

Katie Nicholson
Business Development Manager – Strategic Development

07867 155 008


Thomas Guest
Business Development Manager South

07468 709 338


Kym Milne,
Business Development Manager North

07468 708 965


Our Asset Coordinators

We have a team of national asset coordinators, working on behalf of Last Mile Asset Management, who inspect the assets and determine if they have been built and installed to the highest of standards and are fit for adoption by the asset owner, Last Mile Gas or Last Mile Electricity.

Our asset coordinators are supported not only by a technical team at Last Mile but also work in partnership with the host DNO’s to ensure that the all of the network infrastructure is robust, reliable and complies to industry specification.

Once approved and adopted, our asset coordinators are also involved with maintaining the networks and assist with the coordination of repairs, faults, emergency outages as well as regular maintenance and inspections.

Our asset coordinators can be contacted on 03300 587444.



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