Embedded Capacity Register

The Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) has been developed to provide better information to electricity network stakeholders on connected resources and network requirements. Each Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will host a register which will provide accessible information at a local and national level. The register uses a format agreed through the Energy Networks Association’s Open Networks project, an industry initiative aimed at transforming the operation of energy networks and delivering a smart grid.

Our register provides information on generation and storage resources (≥1MW) that are connected, or accepted to connect, to the electricity distribution networks owned and operated by us and it will be updated on a monthly basis. The Embedded Capacity Register also includes information on the flexibility services that are being provided by connected resources, assisting to control or schedule demand and/or generation to reduce network constraints.

Use of the Register

This register aims to allow customers and stakeholders to better understand the opportunities and constraints in the network, to improve and inform their decisions and allow further innovative and solutions to be provided, to help us manage the network. In using this register, users accept and understand that:

  1. They should make their own detailed investigations as to the reliability and suitability of the content of the register for any specific use to which the user intends to put it.  Information is provided for general use and as a guide only.
  2. The format of the register has been agreed through a joint industry initiative and so each DNO’s register will look similar, however, content and definition of data fields may vary in each DNO’s register, reflecting differences in local networks and data collection methodologies.

Download:  Embedded Capacity Register