Last Mile Asset Management joins Linesearch

Last Mile Asset Management

Last Mile Asset Management joins Linesearch Before U Dig in a significant step to protect networks and the people working near them.

Last Mile Asset Management adopts and operates an impressive portfolio of electricity, gas and water distribution networks across the UK, all designed, installed and commissioned by Lloyds Register accredited organisations. Our networks supply electricity, gas and water to over 400,000 connected customers, making network reliability and availability crucial. Working to minimise the threat to network availability posed by damage to its networks by third parties is a key focus for Last Mile. One way of doing this is by making network drawings available to any party that requests them. Promoting awareness of the locations of Last Mile’s assets encourages the use of safe digging techniques near them.

Before joining the LSBUD portal, Last Mile responded to requests for network drawings through a manually intensive process that involved a small team of administrators. As our business has grown, we have received an increasing number of enquiries and requests for copies of network drawings. In early 2020 it became clear that looking ahead, we would require significantly increased resources to enable us to respond promptly to these requests. As over 77 per cent of all excavation work takes place following a search on the LSBUD portal, we knew that LSBUD could provide vastly improved access and visibility to our network drawings to a much wider audience.

LSBUD’s rapid, hassle-free service now responds to all search enquiries on behalf of Last Mile, playing a crucial role in protecting our assets from accidental damage.

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