Land Rights

Within Last Mile Asset Management, we have an experienced and dedicated team who will handle the obtaining of all necessary land rights for Last Mile Electricity Limited and Last Mile Gas Limited.

Land Right requirements vary depending on the Asset being adopted, positioning of that Asset and, for electricity Assets, the DNO region. Our team are highly experienced in working in all DNO areas and are very familiar with differing processes that require to be followed and legal requirements.

Once you have received your Design Acceptance, the Land Rights Team are automatically instructed to progress land rights on your behalf, if land rights are required.

The Land Rights Team will keep you updated on the progress of land rights, either via our market-leading Land Rights Portal or, by regular reports depending on your requirements. The team are happy to answer queries by email or phone and pride ourselves in our timely responses. On completion of land rights, we will advise you.

The team constantly strive to improve the land rights experience for all our clients and welcome regular feedback.

We offer all of the above at no cost to our customers.

Dedicated legal team, ready to help

Ne need to spend time instructing 3rd parties

We identify all Land Rights issues, so you don’t have to

Don’t miss your target, with a 12 week timeframe

Key milestones are tracked and reported