Network Gas Supply & Load Shedding

Network Gas Supply Emergency (NGSE) & Load Shedding (Gas Supply Management)

Great Britain has one of the most reliable gas systems in the world. Under normal operating conditions, supplies of gas entering the National Transmission System (NTS) are transported throughout the UK and balanced with customer gas demand leaving the system. This supply/demand balance must be maintained on a continuous basis.

Despite having well established arrangements in place across the gas industry to deal with any emergency situations, there is always the possibility of an unplanned incident – particularly as we approach winter, when gas demand is at its highest. Over winter, we are also seeing the possibility of planned emergency disconnections or ‘rolling blackouts’ being implemented by the energy industry to reduce demand and ensure all customers receive an equal share of available capacity, in the unlikely event that a more severe combination of reduced gas supplies and extremely bad weather were to occur.

In an emergency situation, it is imperative that the NTS supply/demand balance is maintained. This could lead to a Network Gas Supply Emergency (NGSE) being declared in the event that customer demand for gas outweighs supply. This would result in gas supplies being restricted for a period of time by gas transporters such as Last Mile Gas, with the largest industrial and commercial users instructed to reduce or stop using gas. This procedure is known as ‘Load Shedding’ and would enable Last Mile to gradually reduce gas demand on all or part of their network; thereby ensuring the system remains pressurised in a safe and controlled manner. ‘Load Shedding’ would also help maintain gas supplies to domestic and priority customers.

Last Mile Asset Management, on behalf of Last Mile Gas, is committed to providing the highest standards of gas delivery, ensuring our networks operate safely and efficiently for customers, and helping address any gas supply restrictions as quickly as possible.

It is important to note that, to date, there has never been a declared NGSE on the gas system in Great Britain.

For more details on the NGSE please see: Network Gas Supply Emergencies (NGSE) | National Grid Gas