Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register is a free support service that makes sure extra help is available to people in vulnerable situations.

If you’re a pensioner, have young children, a serious illness or disability, or you rely on powered medical equipment, you may be eligible for additional support from Last Mile Electricity or Last Mile Gas if your electricity/gas supply is interrupted.

At Last Mile Electricity and Last Mile Gas we value all our customers, but we recognise that some have more specific dependence on their electricity or gas supplies and need additional assistance when there is an interruption, whether planned or unplanned.

Although we cannot guarantee 100% availability of your electricity or gas supplies, we do operate a Priority Services Register, which provides some additional services.

What are the benefits of being on the Priority Services Register?

  • Keep you informed of any planned interruptions to your electricity or gas supply.
  • Keep in touch with you during any unplanned interruption to your electricity or gas supply, including best estimates of supply restoration times.
  • Use an agreed password to verify the identity of any of our representatives that may visit you.
  • Ability to nominate other persons to talk to us on your behalf.

Am I eligible to join the Priority Services Register?
Customers are eligible to register with us for Priority Service if you have someone in your household who: –

  • is of pensionable age
  • has children aged 5 and under
  • has a chronic or serious illness
  • have a reliance on medical equipment at home
  • have a disability
  • have mental health difficulties

How do I join the Priority Services Register?
If you wish to sign up for the register, then you can do so by any of the following methods: –


What happens during extreme weather or other emergency events?
At Last Mile Electricity and Last Mile Gas we appreciate that extreme events might mean that it is appropriate for us to provide additional support to customers that may be especially vulnerable to supply interruptions.

The level of support available will be very dependent on individual customer vulnerability, situational vulnerability, and the nature and duration of any extreme events.

Please be re-assured that we will take all reasonable steps to help our vulnerable customers during such extreme situations, including pro-active communication via various means.

If such an event is in progress, and you feel that you need individual targeted assistance from us, then please contact us on the Priority Service number you received following your registration.