Archived Whole System Coordination

As we transition to more flexible and forward looking power systems, it is increasingly important for network operators to coordinate and cooperate with each other in order to build a common understanding of where actions taken by one party could have both positive and negative cross-network impacts.

As an IDNO we adopt and operate ‘last mile’ networks serving both domestic and non-domestic connections. When evaluating how our own networks are managed and developed, we will use all reasonable endeavours to implement actions or processes that:

  • will not negatively impact our networks; and
  • are in the interest of the efficient and economical operation of the end to end power system.

We will do this through coordination and cooperation with other parties to identify actions and processes that advance the efficient and economical operation of our networks.

Should you wish to contact us to discuss any coordination or cooperation activities as outlined above, please contact us at

We will maintain a register of any delivered actions relating to whole electricity system here.